Corrugated Pallets & Boards

Reasons to choose Palite from Lynx Polythene Ltd

The Weight

With our pallet range weighing anything from 4.5kg to 8kg, it is considerably lighter than its wooden and plastic counterparts. A Pallite® can easily be lifted and moved around by one individual / operative without risk or fear of ‘manual handling’ injury.
Carrying less weight also means lower transportation costs, especially with airfreight.
The same can be said for our Pallite® boards (under 2kg for a 12x10 board) and Pallite® Box range.

No nails, no splinters

Eliminating the largest cause of injury in the warehouse and distribution work place from handling pallets. Also abolishes the potential of damaged / contaminated goods from splinters / nails.

Bespoke sizes

Innovatively designed to be able to cater for individual / unique requirements, the Pallite® is a genuine solution for many customers who have over-sized (or sometimes under-sized) product that need to be relocated.

Conveyor frame friendly

The Pallite® Pallet and Pallite® Box is made up to suit the requirement. If transporting includes an automation process, we can add conveyor frames to ensure a smooth flow. If the contents of the pallet or box needs to be banded, we can add edge protection to protect the deck.


In our opinion, the strongest paper or cardboard based pallet and box in the industry. They can be made to a capability so they can lift and hold a tonne consignment with a stacking strength of up to seven tonnes.

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