Transit Monitor Labels

High Visibilty Indicators for in-transit mishandling.

Innovative Xtegra® transit monitors reliably indicate where mishandling during transit or incorrect storage has occured.

Drop’n’Tell monitors detect if a package has been dropped
with a force exceeding one of six predefined G-force 
parameters, and permanently reveal this mishandling with 
highly visible, non-resettable indicators. A removable pin 
protects the monitor from activation prior to use.

A glass tube incorporated into the body of the ShockWatch 
monitor turns red when activated. This non-resettable 
indication occurs when the monitor is subjected to an 
impact force equivalent to a fall from a predetermined height.

*As product fragility and the design and construction of packaging materials are also relevant factors, field trials are recommended to determine the most suitable sensitivity parameter of Drop’n’Tell and ShockWatch monitors for a specific application.

Where it is essential that a consignment remains upright 
at all times, Tip’n’Tell monitors are an effective means of 
alerting handlers to this requirement and permanently 
recording if they are tilted more than 90° to the vertical 
(normal movement and vibration experienced during 
transportation will not activate the monitor).

TiltWatch monitors are similar to Tip’n’Tell monitors, 
with the dual advantage that they are automatically 
primed as the silicone backing paper is removed from 
the self-adhesive rear panel, and are available in smaller 
box quantities for the lower-volume user.

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