Stretchfilms & Handy Wraps

StretchfilmsHere at Lynx Polythene Ltd we manufacture a full range of Handywrap, Hand Stretchfilms & Orbital Rolls. 

Handy Wrap is available in a large range of sizes, colours and thicknesses and we are confident that we can competitively meet the most demanding request. The mini reel is a hand/manual stretch film reel which will secure more tightly than tape, is much easier to remove and will not leave an adhesive residue on your product. Our superior film also protects items from dust, scratches, moisture. Our films' integrity is excellent throughout and we guarantee the quality on each reel so that you buy only the best at the most competitive prices. Contact us today by telephoning or emailing.


Our Orbital Reels are produced to the highest quality to exact dimensions and precise film thicknesses. Manufactured to fit all standard orbital, spiral and ring wrapping machines.

Our industrial stretch film is incredibly strong, sticks only to itself, not your goods. It doesn’t have any sticky edges, will not remove any labels, leaves no residue, is clean and will stretch to cover twice its original length. There are various colours available, should you wish to colour code your product lines or conceal the contents. Orbital Reels are produced to meet the demands of a very discerning market place which requires quality and economy.

Orbital Reels